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A friend of mine payed me a visit and stayed for a couple of days and he surprised me with a couple of questions I couldn't answer... He is 67 and I was aware he was receiving disability for a gunshot wound and also shrapnel wounds he received in 1967..  The big surprise came when he told he was drawing 100% for PTSD, wow..  He has been drawing SS disability for the last 5 years also. Well, he was a total nervous wreck because he is supposed to be re-evaluated actually on his paper work it said in November of 2013... 
He is borderline terrified they will cut his percentage back because his Dr puts his GAF in at 60 every-time they meet... I told him he should be OK as long as he has always taken his meds doesn't miss his MH appointments..  I believe I read somewhere that they do not take age into consideration but he hasn't been able to work for the last 9 years... Now I'm asking myself is it possible the VA would pull the rug out from the guy or since he hasn't been notified yet about a new C&P will they just pass him by........  Anybody have any experience on this?????? 
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Sec 5.102 Meeting reexamination requirements.

a) General. VA may reexamine a beneficiary, or require a period or

periods of hospital observation, at any time to ensure that the

beneficiary's disability rating is accurate.
HOWEVER this part is what may save him....
(2) When VA will not schedule periodic reexaminations. VA will not

schedule periodic future reexaminations under the following

(i) The disability is static;
(ii) Medical examinations or hospital reports show that the

symptoms and findings of the disability have persisted without

significant improvement for at least five years;
(iii) The beneficiary has attained the age of 55, except in unusual


I would take it he is over 55.......Hope this helps Ken
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GunnyHere is a cut from a Patrick post on VBN.  Patrick is an expert on PTD.  Tell your buddy not to sweat it go to his appointment, take his meds, and he should be ok.
here is a little clinical and educational information about PTSD.

2. It is a memory-based disorder, one of only two in DSM-5, IV, and III. The
other is Dementia;
3. There is no treatment that can cure PTSD, regardless of what they call it,
or how they package it;
4. The best any intervention can do is help lessen the secondary conditions of
5. If you can still remember getting a whipping by your father when you were 8
years old; how are you going to forget a one year or more combat tour, or sexual
6. If any Clinical person says they can cure PTSD, RUN like hell!!
7. Always ask your Clinical treatment specialist how much training and if they
are Board Certified, or have certifications in treating PTSD.

Finally, the chances of a cure for PTSD is zip to none. Only death cures PTSD,
and by death, I mean natural causes. Too many people come here to tell us about
YET another "cure" for PTSD. I will say again with a great deal of
fact and experience, there is NO CURE for PTSD. The best effort to aid in
moderating PTSD is to work on Quality of Life skills.
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Just my opinion, BUT... Have him do NOTHING. Do not ask for P&T, do not bring attention to his claim, let a sleeping dog lay.. He "should" be OK
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