The Waiting game...

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I have been thinking guys, yep I do that occasionally, on why the waiting is so hard to accept and deal with mentally not financially. For me it has been a living hell as it is with most of you. When I was 5 I knew exactly when my first day of school was as well as being able to count down to the end of school. I knew exactly how many days were left to Xmas, when little league try outs were and even the exact day in the summer when the 2 a day football practices would start. I knew the date and time of High School graduation, how many days till I left on the train to boot camp and if I didn't screw up exactly the day I would get off that Island. I knew what day I was leaving for Nam and my expected date to head home.. There are many more examples all through my life that I had to wait for something but at least I knew when.. The only time time I can remember not knowing was when and if I was going to get out of the Thomasville county jail and that scared the chit of me.. I guess what I am trying to say is with the VA claims process there is no rhyme or reason to anything they do, different VARO's totally different results and time frames. At the end of the day you never know what will happen whether good or bad. Can anyone take a WAG as to why it takes over a year to get a couple of C&P's for injuries that were a direct result of combat?? S/C for all of my claims is a non-issue, no brain-er, slam dunk, they have been S/C for as long as 42 years.. I guess waiting has something to do with human nature, remember being 15 and counting the days till you could drive and how slow those days went by, hell we new the exact date we could legally drink.. The VARO isn't even capable of telling you what F'ng "Year" you will know either yea or nay on claims much less what month, week or day.. Like I have said before, Fed-Ex can track 3 million different packages every day and the VA is incapable of tracking (1).. In stead of creating Iris, e-benee, and the infamous 800 number why didn't they save some money and time on doing away with paper "C-Files" and join the 21st century.. Absolutely a deplorable state of affairs, why you ask, because it is part of "our" Federal Government and we should all realize by now that anything the Feds create or touch costs (3) times as much as they figured and takes (5) times longer to accomplish.  OK thanks for listening gang I feel a little better for now, no not really I just found my "fake facade"..... Aah horse hockey..
Whatchya waitin' fer?

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You know, I thought that was me writing that. Gunny you always tell me its coming and every month we don't get it means more in the bank when it does come. I still wish I could talk face to face with the Secretary. As said, yes we have been waiting 40 years and now we will be getting it so be glad and wait. Wait is one thing, agony is another. F*C*I*G ridiculous. Ask my wife, my temper has begun to flare up again. I don't like the stress this has put on so many of us. I have dreamed that it never came. I have dreamed that it was cut off before we got it. I'm with you 100% Gunny, but what do we do but wait.


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My husband feels the same as you do, Gunny & Mickey.  I sure wish there was a way to make things happen sooner. I will never understand why it has to be so difficult. We were just talking this afternoon about how get a claim approved could take longer than the length of time spent in the Army.