This week I took my mother in to file a claim for DIC.  My Father died from ALS in 1983. ALS is now a presumed for all wars. She remarried in 1985 and that husband died 5 years ago, so she now qualifies for DIC.
The Service Office in her county seemed very good. He thought she might have an answer in about 8 Months. He also put down that for Aid and attendance since she is in an asst living home. Mom does not remember if they ever applied for disability through the VA when Dad was sick. She said he did get a small pension from the VA the last year of his life. He was going to the VA hospital when he was diagnosed with ALS.  They supplied him with a wheel chair and hospital bed and the last 6 months of his life they paid for nursing home care. So I hope they still have the records of him and his illness.
It was very interesting to see Dad's DD214. It listed what he did during the war and what his badges were. He had a CIB badge. I think My father probably had some PTSD even though it was never called that back then. Mom said he would never talk about the War or what he did in the Army. And he did like to drink a lot.