Coffee is ready and I am going to do a little celebration dance for Ham and the CO for her coming home party. Bananabanana5banana6 .  Fridays are my official weigh in day so I will hit the scales at about 9:00 this morning. I was so heavy I had to weigh in on those truck scales on the major roads. Keeping my speed up to 45 was the hard part. smiley: laugh My target for today was 214 and that would give me a two pound loss for the week. I can taste that Dairy Queen cone already. smiley: happy  If it is more than that I will up my calorie intake a little but keep up the exercise. More than two pounds a week is not healthy according to the Doc's. Ham I hope the wife is able to remain at home. It has to be hard on both of you. Any shows this week Z? Off to the grind in a little while. Have to keep working to pay the bills. smiley: laugh Might hit Florida again with all the grandkids 4th of July week. Y'all have a good one. Keep the faith. Pop a smoke.

P.S. If any of you think I am going to share my ice cream cone. FORGET ABOUT IT !!!!!!  smiley: tongue